Ergonomic Task Seating

RRI offers a wide variety of ergonomic task seating. This type of seating is mainly used in an office or academic setting that are suitable for a variety of activities and body types. Listed below are some of our most popular options; many more styles are available and customizable!



  • The CXO chair offers strong lumbar support, responsive ergonomic technology, plus the breathability and flexibility of the patterned mesh back
  • Available in several models, all standard with proprietary, circulation improving, extreme comfort foam and a wide range of option combinations
  • This high performance ergonomic chair comes well appointed with standard features such as:
    • Enersorb™ foam in the seat, lumbar and optional headrest
    • Ablex™ back mesh
    • 4D adjustable lumbar support
    • 4D adjustable arms
    • Synchronous knee-tile mechanism, with multi-position lock
    • Seat depth adjustment
    • Pneumatic height adjustment
  • The CXO can be upholstered with a high-quality textile or vinyl



  • Ithaca allows you to get more for less: better design, more features, more comfort and lower price
  • Ultra-cushioned seat is made with a highly resilient foam for a soft, yet supportive sit
  • Multi-position back lock and seat-depth adjustability come standard
  • Fully featured with adjustable seat, back, and arms to adapt to anyone
  • Available as a mid-back or high-back
  • Four different arm options: 4D Arm, Adjustable T-Arm, Fixed Loop Arm or Adjustable Loop Arm
  • The Ithaca can be upholstered with a high-quality textile or vinyl

Ithaca Ultra


  • Ithaca Ultra offers the perfect combination of comfort and value; the seat offers ultra-cushioning with a highly resilient foam formulation that creates a very soft sit
  • The mesh back has sufficient “give” to conform to the unique curvature of your back, providing constant support; also enables cooling ventilation for exceptional comfort
  • Adjustable seat-depth, seat-height, seat-tilt tension and arm-width
  • Available in two versions: high-back or mid-back
  • Four different arm options: 4D Arm, Adjustable T-Arm, Fixed Loop Arm or Adjustable Loop Arm
  • The Ithaca Ultra can be upholstered with a high-quality textile or vinyl

Breathe Jr.


  • Soft padded arms and lumbar support further enhanced comfort
  • The unique lumbar pad of the Breathe Jr. can be easily adjusted vertically and horizontally from a seated position
  • Breathe Jr. offers seat height adjustability and a synchronous knee-tilt mechanism that free floats or locks in the upright position
  • Features a sculpted polypropylene back structure rapped with a double layer of nylon mesh fabric for ultimate support and breathability
  • A contoured foam seat covered with the same soft and durable 2-ply athletic mesh improves ventilation and reduces fatigue
  • The Breathe Jr. can be upholstered with a high-quality textile or vinyl

Pilot XL


  • The Pilot XL provides comfortable, generously-sized seating with 24/7 durability
  • Warrantied to accommodate weight up to 400 pounds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…for 10 years!
  • Multiple adjustments available to best suit your size and seating preference
  • Pilot XL is ideal for law enforcement and occupations where greater seat width is needed for waist-held equipment like holsters, walkie talkies, or tool belts
  • Two different arm options: Loop Arms or Adjustable T-Arms
  • The Pilot XL can be upholstered with a high-quality textile or vinyl




  • The Vive brings unparalleled comfort and function to the working environment
  • Fully upholstered backrest with inner-edge upholstery protection
  • Contoured waterfall edge seat with reinforced inner structure
  • Thoracic back foam with lumbar support
  • Memory or molded foam options available
  • Independent seat and backrest adjustment
  • Adjustable arms with available width adjustment
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Ratchet adjustable back height
  • Multiple mechanism option available
  • The Vive can be upholstered with a high-quality textile or vinyl

Warranty Information

Rough Rider Industries Warranty Information (updated December 2019)

Limited Warranties are non-transferable. Rough Rider Industries (RRI) warrants its products sold to the Buyer to be free of defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase for a period set forth below for each category of furniture and products, when products are installed and used as instructed by RRI. Furniture that is not installed and used as instructed by RRI is not covered by this warranty. Furniture that shows signs of abuse, neglect, misuse, or excessive soiling is not covered by this warranty. The following Limited Warranties are given to the Buyer of the following RRI products:

Seating Products

10 Year Limited Warranty on all components, including foam, excluding fabric
5 Year Limited Warranty on all fabric

Wood Furniture Products

10 Year Limited Warranty on all hardwood furniture products to include all hardware
5 Year Limited Warranty on all melamine/press-wood products to include all hardware

Plastic Products

10 Year Limited Warranty on all plastic products manufactured by CORTECH USA


No express or implied warranties extending beyond those described herein have been made or will be made on behalf of RRI with respect to the furniture and its parts, or the operation, repair, or replacement of the furniture and its parts.

Furthermore, no representative of RRI or its distributors or retailers is authorized to make any changes or modifications to these limited warranties. RRI shall not be liable under any extended or additional warranties offered by any retailer or through a third-party.

In no event shall RRI be responsible for consequential or indicential damages, such as loss of use, inconvenience, loss or damage to personal property, whether indirect or direct, and whether arising in contract or tort. In no event shall RRI’s total liability exceed the purchase price of the products or its replacement.


Contact your RRI representative if you have any questions regarding the installation or use of your RRI product.

Under these Limited Warranties, RRI’s exclusive obligation during the applicable warranty period is to repair or replace, at its option, any part or parts found, upon examination by RRI, to contain material or workmanship defect.

In within the warranty period, identical materials are unavailable at the time of repair or replacement, RRI reserves the right to substitute materials of equal of better quality. Replacement fabrics may vary in color from the original due to dye lot differences.

Any item repaired or replaced under these Limited Warranties will be covered by these Limited Warranties for the remainder of the original warranty period only.