Providing Quality Products

RRI is dedicated to excellence in all our areas of service. From furniture fabrication to refuse container manufacturing, we build products that are made to last. Our many years of success and repeat customers both attest to this fact.

Building Brighter Futures

97% of all individuals in prison will eventually reenter society. RRI offers qualified incarcerated individuals with meaningful work that instills valuable skill sets which can improve their quality of life upon release.

Empowering North Dakota

RRI is a self-sustaining state agency. We purchase raw materials from North Dakota suppliers, employ a workforce of 30+ RRI staff and 170+ adults in custody, and contribute profits toward supporting the state’s Correctional programs.

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Building Quality Products, Preparing Quality People

Our goal at RRI is to build high-quality goods and services in a self-sustaining manner.  RRI places individuals in custody – who demonstrate good behavior – into positions that cultivate skill sets, generate wages, and teach valuable life lessons. The work at RRI enables an individual to rejoin their community with a renewed outlook and the means to support themselve

We build better products, we build better people.

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